Multi Protocol Router

Multi-Protocol Router is a state-of-art multi-protocol router suitable for use over digital leased lines. The routers high throughput capabilities, ease of installation and cost effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for branch office LAN to LAN inter-connectivity or as an Internet Access Router. Designed specifically for Indian conditions, it is compatible with all available digitial leased line modems. Powerful, efficient and rugged, it offers the best cost/feature ratio in industry today by combining excellent performance with economical price.


  • Hardware Interfaces: 10 Mbps Ethernet Interface, V.35/RS449/X.21, RS232 Interface
  • Support speeds up to 2Mbps and can connect to T1/E1 line through external CSU/DSU
  • Sync PPP and HDLC over PPP (RFC 1662) using WAN Interface
  • IP as well as IPX Routing
  • Ethernet Bridging
  • Single User Account (SUA) viz Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT)
  • IP Firewall for control access to/from user’s network
  • Management of router can be done by telnetting to router or through console (serial) port. Command line interface’s look and feel is exactly similar to Cisco IOS supported Router’s
  • Supports various in-depth statistics & status of each interface as well as ping, traceroute, telnet applications to facilitate debugging in field
  • Integrated SNMPv1 (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • New software images can be easily upgraded in field


  • Remote Offices interconnectivity over leased lines
  • Internet Access
  • Campus Networking