Having a genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become an alcoholic, but it can make you more susceptible to environmental triggers to abuse substances. Binge drinking is a type of alcohol consumption in which a person’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08 percent. For men, this means drinking more than 5 drinks in two hours. For women, this means drinking more than 4 drinks in two hours.

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Slurred speech is another effect of alcohol addiction which often results in people being less effective communicators due to not being able to enunciate certain words. The sense organs also get affected by long-term use/abuse of alcoholic beverages. The nerve endings around our eyes, ears, etc., become so used to being exposed to large amounts of Alcohol that they get damaged themselves as well. This results in eye problems such as blurred vision or even blindness and issues with the inner ear such as hearing loss.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Mississippi

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How do I resist the urge to drink?

  1. Remind yourself of your reasons for making a change.
  2. Talk it through with someone you trust.
  3. Distract yourself with a healthy, alternative activity.
  4. Challenge the thought that drives the urge.
  5. Ride it out without giving in.
  6. Leave tempting situations quickly and gracefully.

The same NSDUH found that there are nearly 15 million Americans over the age of 12 years with an alcohol use disorder . Alcohol addiction affects millions of people worldwide, causing them to lose control over their drinking habits. Alcohol addiction is characterized by continued use of Alcohol despite the harmful effects on a person’s life. This often leads to physical dependence, which means that once someone stops consuming Alcohol altogether after years of regular use, their body goes into shock initially. Because of these reasons, most treatment clinics usually advise users not to quit cold turkey but instead undergo medical detoxification procedures.

Continuing Care

I know Steve both personally and have worked with him professionally. I would highly recommend this program to anyone needing help with substance use challenges. Renaissance is caring, compassionate, and committed to providing the highest level of treatment. If I need to make a referral in the Phoenix area, Renaissance is at the top of my list. Instead, addiction treatment is a longer process that involves personalized treatment for biological, psychological, social, legal, and financial issues that are related to addiction. Though dependence and addiction are very difficult to overcome, alcohol use disorders can be treated and successfully managed.

What does alcohol have in it that makes you addicted?

Drinking alcohol stimulates the release of dopamine and endorphins within the brain. These are the chemicals that produce feelings of pleasure and satisfaction and act as a natural painkiller.

why is alcohol addictive is Joint Commission Accredited and licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services. Alcohol is an addictive substance that many people use for several reasons. While some think it’s just a social drink, others use alcohol to cope with their problems. This can lead to addiction and adverse effects on the body and brain. In this post, we talk about what happens when someone has an alcohol addiction and the negative impact it can have on the brain and body.