WanMan is intended to give the network administrator a visual view of how their corporate WAN bandwidth is getting utilized. In addition to online monitoring the WAN link, WanMan also facilitates the network administrator to keep record of WAN usage. WanMan is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks.

In a Cisco® router with IP accounting and SNMP enabled, the router will monitor the data on its WAN port. But the data displayed by the router will be raw and will be of little use to a network manager who wants to know the traffic on WAN link based on Source IP address, Destination IP address and Number of packets transmitted. WanMan takes this raw data and displays it in a user friendly format based on Source IP Address, Destination IP address, Number of packets & bytes transmitted and number of violations.


  • Display of data transferred by each host IP pair in terms of bytes and packets through Wan Link

  • Graphical display of first 10 IP pairs in the table showing their percentage utilisation

  • Graphical diaplay of graphs ( IP traffic statistics, interface statistics, memory/CPU utilization and WAN bandwidth utilization) of any Cisco Router

  • Works in live mode (real-time mode) or work in background node to collect the statistics over a period of time (for inventory purposes)

  • Generate alarm the network administrator based on configurable WAN bandwidth usage threshold

  • Exports the IP accounting data to screen, text file, MS Excel format

  • For overall management of Cisco Router

  • In monitoring current WAN utilization by each host in network

  • In generating reports of WAN utilization in given time period