SwitchMan is an Ethernet switch monitoring software. It is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks. It can be used to monitor Managed Ethernet Switches (i.e. Switch supporting SNMP).


  • General Information about Switch: Information like Switch name, its up time, mac address, port count, contact person name etc

  • Basic Bridging Information: It includes generic info about every port that is associated with this Switch, and filtering information configured into the Switch by (local or network) management specifying the set of ports to which frames received from specific ports and containing specific destination addresses are allowed to be forwarded

  • Spanning Tree Protocol Information: If your Switch supports Spanning Tree Protocol than you can view information like protocol specification, time since topology change, path cost etc.

  • Transparent Bridging Information: If the bridging is of transparent type than information about every port that is associated with this transparent bridge (MaxInfo, InFrames, OutFrames, and InDiscards) can be seen

  • VLan Information*: In case VLan is configured on your network VLan Information show you VLan Version, Active VLans, VLan Index, Name, Ports associated with the VLans etc.

  • Port Information*: It includes port index, its type, sub type, and address

  • Interface's details: Details about the interface of the Switch like their description, speed and status

  • Facilitates Reporting (i.e. printing of important information is supported)

  • Switch Cop enables you to take Backup of important information in two formats, Text Format and MS Excel Sheet Format

  • Manage and Monitor Ethernet Switch

  • Report generation of important information for Audit/Inventory purpose