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Global Infomatrix has partnered with QPR Software Plc, a leading software developer of Business Process Modeling and Strategic Enterprise Management tools. We are excited to offer our clients tools that have demonstrated reliable and continuous benefits from day one.

The simple, easy to use interface, instant web enablement, open source technology and low implementation and cost of ownership are the major driving factor of fast acceptance of these solutions in Europe and the Americas. Unlike many products in the market, these solutions enable you to start small and scale as you start to see benefits. QPR tools have been consistently rated highly by Gartner on their matrix.

Application Areas for ProcessGuide - A Balance Process Management Tool
  • General process improving projects.
  • Quality systems / management e.g. ISO9001.
  • Supply-chain management (SCM).
  • Knowledge-intensive R&D or project processes.
  • Service processes (CRM).
  • Industry-specific solutions e.g. health care and airport management.
  • Different change management methods e.g. Six Sigma.
Application Areas for BSC - A Balance Score Card Tool
  • Align enterprise activities to strategic vision.
  • Quickly and effectively publish strategic vision and goals to all levels of the organization.
  • Identify, measure, monitor and control critical success factors.
  • Performance Management and rewards.

Benefits of QPR Management Software
  • Manage & measure your business processes to achieve:
    • Better customer satisfaction.
    • Better internal undestanding of ”why’s” in your business.
    • Cost reductions by minimizing non-value adding work.
  • Get results fast
    • Easy to learn and use.
    • Visual and clear presentation of information.
    • Personalized management information available on demand.
  • Fulfill many needs
    • Customizable terminology and graphical outlook.
    • Supports different applications and concepts.
    • Scales from standalone to corporate-wide system.
  • Get return on your investment
    • Minimize need for IT skills and support.
    • Utilize existing IT infrastructure.
    • Spend less time in data gathering and reporting.
    • Better decision making support.
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