A feature rich e-commerce site, managing all of Wrap Creations’ online needs. Wrap Creations provides innovative, beautiful and amazingly easy-to-use gift wrapping. The wrapcreations.com e-commerce portal provides Wrap Creations all it needs to interact with customers, complete transactions, manage inventory, help customers find their way to its brick-and-mortar stores etc.

What we have provided:

  • A complete site that behaves as an interactive, multimedia rich catalog to help site visitors understand the nature of the product. With streaming video, interactive panels and animation, Wrap Creations can be sure that their point gets understood by any prospective customers.
  • The store lets the visitor browse through the different products offered and see the individual details and price. The cart keeps track of any items selected by the visitor for purchase allows for order modification.
  • Payment gateway that can seamlessly take the finalized order, calculate the necessary taxation and shipping costs and instantly complete fund transfer.
  • A map based store locator let a visitor find brick-and-mortar stores that stock DazzleWrap. The visitor can search by state and city or simply enter his zip code to find the closest store, zoom in or out to get a clear view of the route to take etc.
  • Admin module lets the site administrator quickly and easily modify all aspects of the site, menu items, page content, news, media, gallery etc., all without having any knowledge of programming or the site’s inner workings.
  • Online inventory and order management let the business owner generate multiple reports about inventory, view orders based on multiple criteria, modify items available on site by adding new categories, setting price, discounts/free schemes etc.