While we work hard to provide project services to our clients, we continuously strive to channel our creativity to design and develop solutions and products for new and existing markets. Like services, the product endeavor is rooted in generating value for our clients. We strive to bring cost effective solutions that are simple and elegant and do not make the client dependent on the vendor. That said, we make sure that should you have any concerns, we address them at the earliest. The important barometer of our success is your satisfaction and confidence.

Network Mangement:
  • WAN-MAN - WAN Router Management
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  • SWITCHMAN - Switch Management System
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  • Multi-Protocol Routers
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  • Internet traffic reporting system
  • VOIP billing system

  • Remote Administrationl:
  • Image Server
  • Voice Based Administration
  • Remote Administration Device for Key Systems

  • Wireless:
    • Voice based command interface
    • Visual web interface
    Hotel Management:
    • Small Banking Suite
    Business Model
  • Sell products to end-users

  • Sell ready to manufacture product design to OEMs

  • Value Proposition
    • OEMs doesn't need to invest into R&D activity and can concentrate on their manufacturing, sales and support activity
    • Product design ready for immediate manufacturing
    • Sufficient gross margin to the OEMs
    • IPR on customer specific design
    • We have all the right resources so you can outsource all or part of your engineering efforts, freeing you so you can focus on your core competencies
    • Product architecture studies, including software/hardware tradeoff analyses
    • System-level cost analysis and product cost-reduction studies
    • Real-time operating system customization, including board support package and driver implementation at the most detailed levels
    • Embedded systems software and hardware architectural design and evaluation
    • High reliability embedded software design and implementation
    • Embedded networking protocols, network management technologies and applications
    • All scales of board level implementation, fabrication and bring-up
    • Hardware/software integration and test
    • Embedded Java porting, integration, tuning, and customization
    • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept designs in both hardware and software
    • System level integration and test, including burn-in and stress testing
    • Production design certification and safety testing
    • Short-run product prototyping and pre-production manufacturing

    Deliverables to OEM who is Purchasing Technology
    • For hardware box products
    • Binary image of Software
    • Source Code of Software
    • Detailed Documentation and testing method
    • Full Support for six months and thereafter based on maintenance contract