This highly interactive addition to a web page has been designed to give the look and feel of polaroids scattered on a surface. It provides a highly interactive and fun way to display, that can be used to display product comparisons or varieties. The Polaroid snaps can be moved around individually, made to overlap or scatter. Double-clicking will zoom into the image, doing so again will zoom out. While zoomed in it images can be cycled by using the arrows provided on the snap itself.

Technical advantages:
  • Images are loaded on-the-fly, rather than being embedded in the applet itself. This makes it versatile. The applet can be made to display any images e.g. based on user searches. Since they are not embedded in the applet, the browser doesnít have to wait for the whole set to load, making you page look complete as soon as itís loaded.
  • Very smooth and animated transitions when zooming in or out, or cycling among images.
  • Each Polaroid snap is its own self contained object. It doesnít need a separate flash stage. This means you can scatter them all over a normal web page!