This beautiful, useful and interactive addition to a web page can be adapted for a variety of purposes. It provides a smooth and visually appealing interface that can be used to display visual information like varieties of products and catalogs, provide one-click-add-to-cart capability or simply display holiday snaps. Navigating within available images is extremely easy; use the arrow keys or, even better, using the mouse scroll wheel to browse the image collection, or simply clicking the desired image from the stack to bring it to the front.

Technical advantages:
  • Extremely small. Despite how good it looks, this applet isnít heavy or slow loading. Being less than 30 KB in size, it takes only a moment for the main applet to load.
  • Images are loaded on-the-fly, rather than being embedded in the applet itself. This makes it versatile. The applet can be made to display any images e.g. based on user searches. Since they are not embedded in the applet, the browser doesnít have to wait for the whole set to load, making you page look complete as soon as itís loaded.