This beautiful, useful and interactive addition to a web page has been designed to give the look and feel of an image stack. It provides an intuitive and visually appealing interface that can be used to give the impression of catalogs, portfolios or any other picture collection. Navigating within available images is extremely easy; simply click the top image to send it to the back of the stack. This way you can view images one-by-one.

Technical advantages:
  • Extremely small. Despite how good it looks, this applet isnít heavy or slow loading. Being less than 5 KB in size! It takes only a moment for the main applet to load.
  • Images are loaded on-the-fly, rather than being embedded in the applet itself. This makes it versatile. The applet can be made to display any images e.g. based on user searches. Since they are not embedded in the applet, the browser doesnít have to wait for the whole set to load, making you page look complete as soon as itís loaded.
  • Images can be click once to send 1 image to the back. Quickly clicking multiple times will instantly send as many images to the back.