GWU recently launched phase two of an effort to identify and support the most promising and relevant research areas for the purpose of invigorating them with additional resources and enhanced visibility. The potential associated with the emerging discipline of biomimetics and bioinspired engineering led to the selection of the Center for Biomimetics and Bioinspired Engineering (COBRE) as one of eight new signature programs. GW faculty associated with the Center have ongoing research programs and established reputations, and the support of the Center will facilitate the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary in order to make meaningful strides in this emerging research area.

What we have provided:

  • Site design, as per the departmentís guidelines. Extensive use of animation and video enables visitors to comprehend the departmentís work.
  • Specially customized admin module allows the site admins easily and instantly change any feature of the site, updating and adding content and papers without needing to know the inner workings of the site.