At Global Infomatrix, we're bringing leading-edge technologies to our customers. To do this, we have partnered with companies that we believe provide the best technology solutions, services and products in their class. We look for companies that have a clear vision, a strong management team, and a distinct competitive advantage. This ensures that you, our client, gets the best services.

This approach enhances our ability to deliver solutions and technologies to our clients. Our partners' innovative solutions combined with our outsourcing management and commitment means a win-win situation for both companies, and most importantly to our customers. Together, we provide our customers with the IT systems they need to increase profits, retain customers, and gain a competitive advantage.

We have partnered with few selective companies in India for offshore outsourcing services. These companies have significant domain expertise in Financial Services, Telecom and Animation area.

We have also been appointed a value added reseller for a Desktop and Server Management Suite of Software. The product suite, called Systems Management and Recovery Tools Set, is a powerful tool for detecting, managing and recovering from changes to the file, registry and system configuration. These tools enables corporation to reduce total cost of ownership of desktop and servers. Other products in the family enable integrated solution to manage events from Windows NT/2000 systems as well as network devices (i.e. Router, bridges, hubs - SNMP devices) using a java based GUI.