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KPI Based Opportunity Assessment

Key Performance Indicators are significant predefined measures that provide individuals with the information they need to assess previous actions.

Systems Integration
We provide complete implementation and integration of the product and project solution that we offer to our clients.

Knowledge Management
We offer both data mining and text mining solutions that might help your organization in managing and analyzing information.

Requirement Study
We offer complete project lifecycle service to ensure that you reap the rewards promised by the offshore outsourcing.

Custom Application Development
We undertake complete turnkey application development of n-tier distributed applications.

Website Development
We offer the best and most cost effective website development proposition in the market.

2D & 3D Animation
We have the most professionally trained and creative team of artists.


Multi-Protocol Router
Multi-Protocol Router is a state of art multi protocol router suitable for use over digital leased lines. The routers high throughput capabilities, ease of installation and cost effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for branch office LAN to LAN inter-connectivity or as an Internet Access Router. Designed specifically for Indian conditions, it is compatible with all available digitial leased line modems. Powerful, efficient and rugged, it offers the best cost/feature ratio in industry today by combining excellent performance with economical price.

SwitchMan is an Ethernet switch monitoring software. It is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks. It can be used to monitor Managed Ethernet Switches (i.e. Switch supporting SNMP).

WanMan is intended to give network administrator a visual view of how their corporate WAN bandwidth is getting utilized. In addition to online monitoring WAN link, WanMan also facilitates network administrator to keep record of WAN usage. WanMan is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks.